Two Year Olds for 2017 for sale:

Thanks for the Gem          Classic Gem/ Quiet Thanks

Elton's Song                        Dinner and Friends/ King of Scat

Healin' Mary Lou                Feelinsharp/ King of Scat

Giveemagood Dustin         Taylor's Swift/ Tactical Cat

Yearlings for 2017 for sale:

Passionate Victor                Lost my Train/ Blake's Passion

Stellar Bess                           Avie Blue/ Blake's Passion

Passionate Sooner               Okie Indian Gal/ Blake's Passion

Tactin' a Fool                         Feelinsharp/ Tactical Cat

Beatle Juiced                         Lostmyheartindixie/ Tactical Cat

Taylor's Prince                      Silent Blush/ Blake's Passion

Lovin Nobody but U             You Again/ Blake's Passion

Skeeter Too                            Vicar's Dolly/ Tactical Cat

Mares for Sale:

Mare                                 Covering Sire                   Last Bred Date

Brace For Stormy             Tactical Cat                        03/07/2016

Our Triple C                       Tactical Cat                        03/28/2016

Feelinsharp                        Tactical Cat                        04/29/2016

Dinner and Friends           Blake's Passion                 02/24/2016

Taylor's Swift                      Blake's Passion                 03/04/2016

Slew of Grace                     Blake's Passion                 04/08/2016

Avie Blue                             Blake's Passion                 05/28/2016

Vicar's Dolly                        Blake's Passion                 05/29/2016

Classic Gem                        King of Scat                       04/25/2016